Friday, March 30, 2007

Get Paid For Your Photos

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How much do you get paid for PHOTOGRAPHY ?
Well that depends on how many times your photos are downloaded and in some cases, the prices you've set for your photos. Just follow and comply with the guidelines for submitting photos and 100% of your uploaded photos will be online and generating revenue quickly.

You may cash out anytime via Paypal with as little as $2 in your Paypal account, no hassles with late payments, fraud, or international currencies. For countries who don't have Paypal, the photo servers send paychecks quarterly for amounts over $100.

You Do Not Need To Be A Professional Photographer To Profit From Your Pictures.

It will instantly link you to the people who are looking for your pictures right this very second, regardless of the kind of pictures you take.

It also give you tips on how to take best pictures that get the most downloads.

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